Barcelona and Gaudi

Undulating. If I could only use one word to describe Gaudi’s buildings, that would be it. Whimsical and otherworldly also come to mind, but undulating is the one that sticks.

I’m not the best at describing buildings, let alone architecture styles, so I’ll let the pictures speak on my behalf.

La Pedrera
An apartment and office block on Passeig La Gracia. Going up to the rooftop is a must to gawk at the stairway covers and Star Wars-like chimneys. The attic and the apartment rooms are also worth a visit. Yes, I took photos of the door knobs. But only because Gaudi designed them to fit the hand perfectly. My hand modelling shot was meant to demonstrate this.

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Casa Batllo
Also an apartment building, and also on Passeig La Gracia. Too bad we didn’t have time to go in. The colourful facade reminds me of a sweet shop, and the balconies remind me of Phantom of the Opera.



Park Guell
Originally meant to be a posh residential area, it is now a park. Like a scene out of a fairy tale.

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La Sagrada Familia
Gaudi’s masterpiece. Still unfinished, and still undergoing construction. It’s expected to be completed in 2040. And all this while, I thought How I Met Your Mother would never end. To fully appreciate Gaudi’s genius, the audioguide is an absolute must. His design is so full of symbolicism, Da Vinci’s Code pales in comparison. Even the location of La Sagrada Familia has hidden meaning. Take the lift and go to the top, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the city. You take the lift up, but going down is via a spiral staircase. I have a fear of heights, and I was holding up the queue with my snail-paced descent. By the time I reached the ground floor, my thighs were quivering. And for the next few days, they were as sore as anything. But that was just me. 🙂

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Simply breathtaking.

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  1. These are absolutely stunning photos! I love Gaudi’s designs — in fact, I don’t think I really thought about architecture much until I saw these buildings in Barcelona. What fantastic angles and images — I’m looking forward to more posts! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for following Travel Oops! Steph

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