Barcelona – Tapas and More

A mini-journal, plated and served. I’ve listed down the places we tried (with the kind assistance of TripAdvisor) and enjoyed.

Day 1: Tapas 24
Off Passeig La Gracia. We went there again on Day 4, simply because we met a friend from back home who was also on holiday, and this place was the most convenient. Plus the food wasn’t too shabby.

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Day 2: El Xampanyet
In the El Born area. Loved the ambience. Possibly my favourite among all the places we tried. We didn’t really choose any of the tapas; we just let the waitress bring us her recommendations. And they were all good!

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Day 3: De Tapa Madre
More of a restaurant than a tapas bar. In the L’Eixample neighbourhood; we came here for lunch after visiting La Sagrada Familia. On their menu, they unabashedly claim to have the best tomato bread in town. We obviously have no way of verifying that, but even so, it was pretty awesome!

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Day 4: As mentioned earlier, we went to Tapas 24 again.

Day 5: Dias de Norte
After Montjuic and Fundacio Joan Miro, we went to this little place in the El Raval district. We initially went with just tapas, but the people at the next table ordered steamed mussels which looked so enticing. Naturally, we had to have the same. Devoid of any herbs or seasoning save for salt (probably), the mussels were superb.
Oh and just in case you’re wondering, the plate on the right was slices of cured tuna. 😉

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Special Mention: desserts at Escriba
There are two outlets; one on La Rambla, and the other on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. We tried both, and weren’t disappointed on either occasion. If you try only one thing there, let it be the hot chocolate. Imagine melting a bar of chocolate in the microwave. Or in a dutch oven, if you’re the fancy type 🙂
Then imagine drinking a cup of that melted heaven.
I was grinning like a coconut split in half.

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Special Mention: Creps Barcelona
We wanted something light for dinner, so we came here. Never in a million years did we expect the crepes to look like jumbo stuffed toseh! Pretty good, though.

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Excuse me.

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