Fribourg and Confetti

I was flipping through a magazine and found out about an “Ice Palace” somewhere in Fribourg (not to be confused with Freiburg, Germany). From the photos on the website it looked like a good place for a weekend day trip, so yesterday we jumped on a train to Fribourg, hoping we wouldn’t be too let down.

Our plan was to walk around town and visit the Ice Palace somewhere along the way.

Once we reached Fribourg, we headed to the tourist information centre and grabbed a city map, We looked for pamphlets about the Ice Palace, but found none. We then found out (from the information counter) that it’s actually 27km away from the city centre, and that we would have had to take an hour-long bus ride to get there.


I thought it would be within walking distance.

My fault really; I didn’t research it properly. I just read through the website quickly and checked the opening times. Didn’t even bother to Google Translate it.

Haha. Padan muka.

Anyways, I wasn’t too disappointed. Fribourg was a place I hadn’t been to and I was just as happy to take a stroll through the town.

From the train station, we walked through the city centre towards the St.Nicholas Cathedral and the old town. The river Sarine meanders through Fribourg, and the handful of bridges across the Sarine form part of the town’s charm.

We saw a few fruit, veggie and cheese stalls packing up; we must have missed the local farmers’ market.

After strolling through the old town, we took the funicular train back up to the city centre. The funicular train runs on waste water only, and is now the last of its kind in Europe. Once we got to the top, we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the town. I suspect taking the train down would be a good idea too, as you can then savour the view of the old city as you slowly make your way down the hill.

Although it was a Saturday, most of the old town felt empty. We hardly bumped into any people and almost all the shops and cafes were closed. It felt like a Sunday. The streets were strewn with multi-coloured räppli (confetti), the aftermath of the local Fasnachts celebration.

The city centre, however, was buzzing with activity; teenagers hanging out in the local “mall”, girlfriends shopping, families having lunch, people walking their dogs.

Fribourg has its charm, and I suspect it would be prettier in the warmer months. Despite the aborted Ice Palace trip, it was nonetheless, a Saturday well spent.

And now, I ask you to walk with me. I apologise for the shaky bits and bad editing – I’m still experimenting.

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