I Know You’re There, Spring.

It’s global warming, I tell you. Pity the polar bears.

As much as I love the quiet elegance of snowfall, I really can’t wait for spring to come.

We had a week or so of warm-ish weather, with birds chirping happily away and a few tufts of daffodils greeting us as we walked home. I could already smell the sweet leathery scent of my ballet flats. My trenchcoat and blazer kept waving their sleeves at me everytime I opened my wardrobe.

Alas, we’re back to sub-zero temperatures now. The birds have stopped chirping and the daffodils – poor, brave things – are buried under a white blanket of snow.



I have a two-week break from German classes, so unless I have errands to run, I don’t have any reason to go out.

And with this weather, I have every reason to stay in.

The thing is, when the weather gets cold…. I get hungry.

And when I’m indoors…. I get hungry.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where the rest of the cookies disappeared to.

The other thing about the cold weather is that Muci tends to stay in as well, instead of hunting birds in the great outdoors. I have no issues with that really, since cats normally spend the majority of the day sleeping. But in those few hours he’s awake, he wants to play.

He’ll either stare at me until I feel guilty for neglecting him, or he’ll sneak up behind me and ambush me as I’m happily chomping down on my biscuits.


Spring, I know you’re there, just waiting around the corner. Don’t be shy and come and greet us.

My trenchcoat and ballet flats would love to say hi to you.

2 thoughts

  1. That is why I put on about 20kg in 5 years. Yes, that is no typo. It’s cold lah, so I eat… I blame it all on the weather. This year is crazy tho, I was away for a month and thought by the time we came back the weather should be better… not! I am happy it gets better now, finally!

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