A Weekend in Klosters – Part 1

The recent proliferation of chocolate bunnies and colourful eggs meant only one thing – Easter was upon us. More importantly, we had a four-day weekend on our hands. Having never ventured to the eastern part of Switzerland, we decided to head to the canton of Graubünden and spend a couple of nights at Klosters.

If you remember from my previous post on our trip to Brussels (you can refresh your memory by clicking here), Muci had tried to – unsuccessfully – pack himself in our luggage. We couldn’t afford to bring a stowaway then, but this time we decided to bring him along, legally. It was only a two-hour drive, and he didn’t need any vaccinations since we wouldn’t be crossing any borders, so it was an easy decision to make. We managed to find a pet-friendly hotel, and we were all set to go.

Muci, however, was less than impressed with his mode of transport.


He kicked up a fuss intially, and was very anxious in the first half hour or so of the journey, but he later relaxed and started snoozing in the car.

After just over two hours on the road, we arrived at our destination. We checked in at Hotel Silvapina – a charming little chalet-style hotel in Klosters Dorf.


The hotel is situated right next to the train tracks, but it was amazingly quiet. For the most part, I even forgot the tracks ran right next to us. So we had the convenience of having a train station just two minutes away, without the noise.
The room was basic, but comfortable and clean. And despite the mist and fog, we had a nice view of the mountains.


Muci seemed to approve of the view.


He wasn’t really concerned about the mountains, though. He was more interested in the two dogs playing in the snow outside.

After checking in and making sure Muci was comfortable with his temporary new abode, we set out again. We took the train from the Klosters Dorf station to Klosters Platz, which is basically the city centre. It’s actually just a half hour’s walk, but we decided to take the train. We could have also taken the bus (there’s a bus stop near the hotel as well), but we had just missed it.

Most hotels in Switzerland will provide its guests with a “Visitor Pass” or Travel Pass, which allows you to travel on the local tram and bus system (sometimes the local train system too) for free. This was also true for Hotel Silvapina, so our train and bus rides were taken care of.


Apart from free unlimited train and bus rides, we were also entitled to discounts on some cable car rides and other activities within the vicinity.



So while things here in general are (very) expensive, there are certain things you may want to look out for if you decide to travel around Switzerland, such as these travel passes.

Anyways, we took the train to Klosters Platz and had a walk around before having a quick lunch at the Sportszentrum.






After lunch, we took the cable car up to Gotschnagrat. With the Visitor Pass, we were entitled to a discount on the cable car ticket. There’s a short walking trail up on the mountain, and since I don’t know how to ski or snowboard (and am was too chicken to learn), we were planning on doing a short winter hike.

Unfortunately visibility wasn’t too great up on the mountain, so we didn’t finish the hike. Since everyone else was skiing or snowboarding, it seemed as if we were the only ones doing the walk, so we didn’t want to end up lost or anything. Haha.




So after wandering around a bit in the fog and snow, we headed back down and back to our hotel to chill. And to check on Muci. I was worried he’d be a bit disoriented in the strange new living quarters. I was also worried that he may have, out of desperation, learnt how to open the window and make a quick escape. Finding a white cat lost in the countryside blanketed in white snow wasn’t something I was looking forward to.

Luckily none of that happened.

So after a short break, we drove to Davos to have a look around and to find something to eat. Davos isn’t too far away from Klosters; just about 20 minutes or so by car. The road to Davos is a winding one, though; it reminded me of our annual balik kampung trips to Balik Pulau, Penang. If anyone has regularly driven between Balik Pulau and say, Batu Ferringhi, you’ll know what I mean. But I reckon the drive to Davos wasn’t as bad as Balik Pulau. The road is wider, and the bends aren’t as sharp (acute?).

Anyways, we walked around town for a bit before having dinner at a cosy little cafe called Kaffee Klatsch. It had a decent selection of salads and pasta, and a pretty good selection of pastries and cakes. I tried their vegetable rösti, which was pretty tasty.


After dinner, we decided to call it a day and head back to Klosters. The fog, however, had somewhat worsened and driving back, we could hardly see anything. Visibility was 10 metres at best. Given the fact that it was a winding road, and that we were on the ledge of a mountain, and that we couldn’t really see anything, it was a pretty scary drive. Thankfully we made it back to Klosters without any mishaps 🙂

And that was how we spent our first day in Klosters. Below is a short video travelogue of our first day – I’ve included footage of the scary drive from Davos to Klosters. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for Part 2!

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