Monty’s Got It Made

The Swiss really love their animals.

Walking past a small park in Zürich, I saw a small little shed/hut next to one of the trees.

It took me a while to realise that the hut was actually a mini-gazebo for…

… a cat.


If the photo is any indication, this is Monty’s crib.


It may not be obvious from the photo, but Monty is snoozing in the cat bed, underneath the shade.

I didn’t see the pet owner anywhere in the area, but I assume that Monty lives somewhere in the neighbourhood and loves to hang out in the park. Monty must really love finding solace there – such that his owner saw it fit get him his own little gazebo to hang out in!

Swiss pets are one lucky lot.

It got me thinking, though.

If a society goes to great lengths to ensure the safety, comfort and general well-being of their pets and animals, it would be safe to assume that they would do the same – if not more – for their own people.

Which would explain this particular finding

In the meantime, I have to hide these photos from Muci.

Wouldn’t want him getting any ideas of a personalised gazebo then.

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