Sunday Brunch

My version of a weekly recap, served in bite-sized morsels. 

1. Potato Chip Pets. 

According to this article in the NYT, llamas are the new Chihuahas; the new pet en vogue. It also turns out that owning just one llama isn’t enough; like Pringles, once you start, you can’t stop.

A few llama owners were interviewed for this article, and from them we are made to understand why llamas make for such endearing pets. Apart from being quiet, gentle and affectionate animals, they are also “sympathetic” and are easy to care for. Which is all well and good, but I found this slightly amusing:

Owners must check them carefully to see if they are hurt or sick, because llamas are so stoic they seldom complain.


Perhaps it’s just my ignorance, but I never thought to describe an animal as stoic.

And ever since I learnt this interesting tidbit, I’ve endlessly wondered…. Was Stoicism founded by an Ancient Greek philosopher who had a pet llama?

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. The following admission by a satisfied llama owner intrigued me:

“They’re just so calming and enjoyable to be around,” she said. “You can tell them all your secrets and your problems. They know all my likes and dislikes, when I’m mad at my husband and when I’m happy with my husband. They don’t tell anyone, they just listen.”

I certainly hope they don’t go around spilling family secrets. It’s one thing having gossiping neighbours; but stoic, gossiping llamas? That’s just rude.


2. Muci ate a mouse.

Yup, that’s right. He actually ate a mouse.


He was initially playing with it in the front yard – throwing it around like a ball (the mouse was already dead). A few minutes later, it was chomp, chomp, swallow. 

On the prowl for a tasty mousey snack.

On the prowl for a tasty mousey snack.


I wish he wouldn’t play with his food.

Obviously his kitty treats aren’t tantalising his taste buds. I’ll have to look for mouse-flavoured meat sticks the next time I pop into the supermarket.


3. Photo of the week. 

Not neccessarily a photo I took during the course of the week; simply one I’ve gravitated to in the past few days.

Tuna-friendly dolphin.

Tuna-friendly dolphin.

Note: I am writing this while watching news reports on the horrific Asiana Airlines plane crash in San Francisco. Very little is known as of now, but hopefully fatalities are minimal. My thoughts are with the passengers, crew and their family and friends.

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