Sunday Brunch

My version of a weekly recap, served in bite-sized morsels.

1. Andy Murray made tennis history.

I know Andy Murray winning Wimbledon is stale news now, but it happened after I wrote my last Sunday Brunch, so I decided to include it in this week’s post. I was initially rooting for the Djoker, but as the game progressed, I didn’t really mind who won – it was such a good game.

Oh but I lied.

I wasn’t rooting for the Djoker at all.

I was actually rooting for these two:

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

Gerard Butler, especially; anyone who makes a light blue jacket look good deserves to win a trophy.

I wonder why he chose to wear light blue, though. Has it always been sitting in his closet? Is it normal for a guy to have a baby blue jacket in his wardrobe? Or did he get one tailored specifically for this event? Again, why??

Not complaining; it’s just one of those things you wonder about occasionally, like the meaning of life or whether a stegosaurus would make a cool pet.

I also wonder whether Mr Butler and Mr Cooper made a pact to wear similar outfits. I think they did.

-Saturday morning, telephone conversation.- 

Gerard Butler: Eh, what’re you wearing to the finals tomorrow?

Bradley Cooper: Haven’t decided yet. You?

GB: My baby blue jacket. Boria nak?

BC: Jom. But I don’t have a light blue jacket. Light grey boleh?

GB: Ok kut.

BC: Set. I’ll see you there tomorrow then.

GB: Awesome. Ciao!

End of conversation. 


Boria – A form of Malay theatre consisting of a short comedic sketch, followed by a song and dance routine. Popular in Penang. The entire troupe typically wear identical costumes. Hence to “go Boria” is to wear identical outfits – usually as a joke or deliberate fashion faux pas.

Jom – Colloquial Malay term, meaning “let’s go” or, depending on context, “yeah, let’s do that”.

Boleh – Malay for “can” (as in, “Yes, I can do that”).

Kut – Colloquial Malay term, meaning “maybe” or “perhaps”. Depending on context, it is sometimes tacked on at the end of the sentence to convey reassurance.

Set – English word used in colloquial Malay, meaning “done” or “agreed” or simply, “ok”.


2. You gotta be more dog.

I’m sure most of you have already seen this O2 television advert. It’s been making the rounds on the internet, so even those outside of the UK would’ve already seen it by now.

I’m including it in today’s post for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, and also because I love it so much.

I’m guessing the first 15 seconds of the video is either an homage to, or a satire of, the ennui-ridden Henri Le Chat Noir

But yes, I love this ad. Any cat who knows his Latin gets a vote from me. “Carpe Diem. It means, grab the frisbee.” Hahahahaha.

And the expression as he sticks his head out of the car window? Hahahahahaha.


3. Muci, der Jäger. 

Last week it was a mouse. This week it was an innocent little bird.

I was happily sitting in my study when I heard a series of loud miaows from outside. I looked out the window, and true enough, Muci was in the front yard, miaowing his feline heart out.

As soon as he saw that he had my attention, he proceeded to play ball with his catch, and then eat it.

Quite the show-off.

I was pretty sure he ate it all. I witnessed it all, and what was more, I could hear the bones crunching from where I was sitting inside the house.

Tsk. Table manners, Muci!

That small, grey thing lying on the ground in front of him was what he was so eager to show me.

That small, grey thing lying on the ground in front of him was what he was so eager to show me.

The aftermath.

The aftermath.

It’s in his nature, so I’m not one to meddle in his affairs.

Just as long as he doesn’t bring it into the house.



4. Photo of the week.

Sunset is a significant time of the day for those observing Ramadhan. Hence I’ve chosen this photo to share this week. It was taken back in 2008 in the Maldives, where every sunset is breathtakingly beautiful.


That’s all for this post. Hope you all had a good week!


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