Heh. I Never Knew This.

The smelly mosquito coils and the ashes you had to throw out the next morning.

The amber lemongrass candles that made your house smell like a field of serai.

The plug-straight-into-the-wall-socket thingamajigs that may or may not be effective (I’ve never tried them myself).

The repellant sprays that you liberally coated your arms and legs with whenever you went camping or jungle trekking (I don’t know whether to curse or thank you, Outward Bound School).

Turns out there’s a much, much simpler way.

We only had to use the humble and ubiquitous fan!

Who would’ve thought?

And the logic behind it is pretty simple really. Common sense, in fact.

Heh. I never knew.


...and the world would be a better place... (Credit: www.minditjoke.com)

…and the world would be a better place… (Credit: http://www.minditjoke.com)

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