Sunday Brunch

My version of a weekly recap, served in bite-sized morsels.

1. Cats need Yakult, too.

Muci was ill on Friday. He spent the entire day vomiting his guts out, and towards the evening it didn’t seem as if he was getting any better – so we decided to bring him to the vet.

Unfortunately animal clinics here open only during office hours, and even then you need to make an appointment first (the same goes for normal clinics). We had to bring him to the “emergency on-call” vet instead, which was luckily not too far away.

The vet didn’t find anything terribly wrong with him, thankfully; it was just a case of food poisoning. He probably ate some random bug or insect. Silly cat.

As the vet gave Muci a jab and wrapped up her examination, she prescribed a few food items that would help strengthen my bird-killing, insect-loving cat’s intestinal flora and fauna.

She prescribed:

  • chicken;
  • overcooked rice (like porridge); and
  • cottage cheese.

For a cat.

I looked down at the examination table, to check whether Muci had somehow miraculously morphed into a human child.


Still very much a cat.

I looked back up to the vet, nodding and successfully keeping a straight face as she explained the feline-intestinal-flora-and-fauna-balancing benefits of cottage cheese.

The last time I took him to the vet, I was advised to put sunscreen on his ears. This time, cottage cheese. What next? Evian for his water bowl?

When we got back home, I boiled a little chicken and rice for him.

He wasn’t interested.

The next day, I made roast chicken for our iftar/dinner, and set some aside for him.

His Royal Highness gobbled it down in 60 seconds flat.

For all I know, he’ll be requiring white lillies and scented candles in his room pretty soon.


Note: Muci was back to his normal self by Saturday evening, thankfully. He also made it perfectly clear that roast chicken is to be a permanent item in the household menu. 


2. Photo of the week.

It’s refreshing to see children being entertained by something other than an iPad or iPhone.


Freiburg, 2012

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