Postcard From Paris – The Video

This is the first post in a series of three. Here, I give a brief introduction as well as a short video. The second post will be the actual travelogue. The final post will be a gallery of photos taken during the trip. Hope you have fun reading/watching! 

A few months ago, we went on a road trip to Paris. My sister-in-law and her husband were on a holiday in Europe and had included Paris as one of the destinations, so the plan was for us to meet them there, spend a few days doing the necessary touristy (*cough shopping cough*) things, and then head back to Basel, where they would continue their holiday.

I was pretty excited about the trip, as it’d been more than a decade since I was last in Paris. While in university, I used to go there every Christmas holiday and stay with my aunt, who was working and living there at the time. The first two Christmas holidays I went with my friends, and during my final year, I went on my own. That year, Hari Raya (Eid) was around the Christmas period, so I celebrated Raya with my aunt and other Malaysians working there.

I remember loving Paris. The beautiful buildings, the cobbled streets, the wonderful museums, the language, the food… I just loved it.

Hence my excitement. I was actually a bit apprehensive as well; worried that the city wouldn’t turn out to be as charming as I’d remembered it to be. When I went to London last year, for instance, I felt stressed out, harried and disappointed. It was far more crowded than it used to be, the Tube was constantly delayed and had service interruptions, and the metropolitan-ness of the city – which used to make me feel so welcome and comfortable living there – now felt rough around the edges and almost foreign. In all fairness, the city has grown and is densely populated; it was unrealistic for me to expect it to remain the same after more than ten years. Or maybe Basel has aged me 🙂

So, half excited, half anxious, we headed to Paris. What was supposed to be a 5-hour drive turned out to be 7 hours, due to an important detour. Tired as we were (especially The Mister, who was driving), Paris didn’t disappoint.

I still love the city.

To whet your appetite, I’ve posted below a short video of the trip. Hope you enjoy watching it, and stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3!

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