Sunday Brunch

My version of a weekly recap, served in bite-sized morsels.

1. The Royal Baby 

Prince George stole the headlines this week. You couldn’t escape it – on telly and in print, in broadsheets and tabloids alike, the news of the birth was everywhere.

Like everyone else, I watched the new parents introduce their baby to the press – and to the world. And like (almost) everyone else, all I could think was how good Kate Middleton looked in that blue dress. On anyone else, it would’ve looked frumpy and matronly – Jenny Packham or not – but on her, it was anything but.

But then again, Kate could wear a potato sack and still look good.


2. The Animal Formerly Known As Cat 

Remember the O2 advert I wrote about a couple of weeks ago?

Looks like there’s a Part 2. In my opinion it isn’t as funny as Part 1, but just as cute.


3. Photo of the week 

It’s been really hot lately, and we all wish we could do this:

This is what fountains are for

This is what fountains are for.

Hope you had a good week!


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