One Year and 62 Posts Later…

TheHiatusBlog is a year old today!

When I started TheHiatusBlog, I didn’t have a fixed idea of what I wanted it to be, how it would look, what I would write about, how often I would write, or what direction it would eventually take.

I just wanted an outlet where I could write about… anything.

My observations. My experiences. My thoughts. Places I visit.

The sights I see. The sounds I hear. The food I taste. The things I read.

Admittedly, I haven’t written as much or as extensively as I’d have liked. There are times when I manage to post something every few days or so. And then without warning, I drop off the face of the earth for weeks on end and the blog is as barren as the moon.

I sometimes fantasize about writing long, eloquent essays on human nature or the injustices of the world. My brain addled by the clean air and deafening silence that for many, define Switzerland, I begin to dream that one day this blog will become an anthology of my great philosophical musings. Or a ground breaking treatise.

And then I sit down in front of my computer and I can’t even write past the first sentence.

So I take the easy way out, and post a photo of my cat instead.

In fact, I’ll do it right now.


So much cuter than chronic world hunger, don’t you agree?

I jest. 

Despite my atrocious writing schedule and cop-out cat photos, I’ve enjoyed my foray into blogging, and hopefully TheHiatusBlog’s first year won’t be its last.


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