The Sochi Salt Accord

Up until today, my knowledge of salt was limited to these uses:

  1. As a form of seasoning;
  2. As a natural but effective garden snail exterminator (watching the snails fizzle and dissolve under a sprinkling of salt is strangely disgusting and satisfying. Oh stop it. We all have sadistic tendencies buried deep within us – just admit it.);
  3. The best thing to rub into an enemy’s wound; and
  4. To melt the snow on your doorstep and the front yard.

But now, thanks to the Sochi Winter Olympics, I now appreciate the true power of salt’s snow-melting abilities. Emergency meetings, powerful Russian bureaucrats, a salt expert, a rerouted airplane – this story has the makings of a Hollywood movie.

Just check out this article to see what I’m talking about.

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