Muci’s Ill Again

We seem to be going to the vet almost on a monthly basis nowadays. Muci’s had another one of his vomiting spells. It started with a loss of appetite yesterday morning – he showed no interest in either his wet or dry food. He wasn’t interested in going out at all, and spent the entire day at home. I could tell he wasn’t feeling too well, because he spent most of the day awake and in what I’ve come to identify as his “tummy ache position” – his legs curled up beneath him and his head upright. I hoped it would quickly pass, but later that night he vomited, and again this morning at 5.30am. Tinged with blood. Time to call the vet.

Vet’s Office: Good morning. Kleintierpraxis xxxx…. Dr. Xxxx speaking.

Me: Good morning. This is Almahera Idris. My cat is ill and I’d like to bring him in, please.

Dr. Xxxx: Could I get your name again, please?

Me: Frau Idris. I-D-R-I-S

Dr. Xxxx: Aha! Your cat is Muci, yes?

Me: Yup.

Dr. Xxxx: Oh dear. Please don’t say he’s vomiting again?

Me: I’m afraid he is.

Dr. Xxxx: Oh no. Well we actually have a busy day today, but you can bring him in and we’ll have a look at him in between the appointments. You may have to wait a bit, though.

Me: No problem. Thanks. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

See? Mention the name Muci and the vet’s first guess was a vomiting spell. If the vet had a loyalty card, we’d probably have enough points to earn free vaccinations for three years. So I called my German language school and told them I couldn’t come in today, and took Muci to the vet. I didn’t end up waiting for too long, just about 15 minutes or so (an eternity by Swiss standards, though). When the vet was ready to see him, I walked into the all too familiar examination room and took Muci out of his carrier. It’s become almost a routine, now; I explain to the vet when he started vomiting, his loss of appetite, the change in behaviour, everything. The vet examines Muci, takes his temperature, weighs him, finds nothing wrong with him (apart from his vomiting), and administers a jab. The vet tells me to keep him indoors and under observation, and to call her again tomorrow to report on his progress, be it good or bad. We still don’t know what exactly is afflicting poor Muci; the vet has conducted two different blood tests on him and both came back negative. The blood tests and his normal eating behaviour rule out food poisoning and food allergies. He probably just has a very sensitive stomach (sensitive to what? I have no idea). It doesn’t help that he’s an outdoor cat, climbing trees and terrorising the neighbourhood birds for the most part of the day. Anyways, after the jab I took Muci home and he spent most of the day doing this: IMG_1240 While he was resting, I nipped out of the house for a couple of hours to run some errands. When I got home, I found him trying to hide the vet’s bill. IMG_1249 It’s almost the end of the day now and he seems to have regained his appetite. Hopefully he recovers soon; the weather outside is too beautiful for him to miss. And someone needs to keep the magpies in check.

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