The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 3

Monday, 26 May 2014

We took a bus from Central Station to the Nørrebro neighbourhood, where we sought out Coffee Collective, a tiny coffee shop which sells (pretty good) coffee – and not much else. They roast their beans themselves, in-house, as anyone who walks in can immediately tell from the huge roaster occupying the furthest end of the shop. They had a few croissants, but we just got coffee and bought a couple of pastries from the bakery opposite. There isn’t much seating space inside Coffee Collective itself, but there’s a table just outside that can seat a small group of people. We sat there in the lovely weather with our coffee and pastries, chatting and watching the morning go by. Bliss.

After breakfast we took a stroll around the Nørrebro neighbourhood. I like the area; it has a very independent, edgy vibe to it. The shops that line Jægersborggade, where we had our breakfast, are small, somewhat trendy, independent boutiques – the antithesis of the ubiquitious high street shopping chain.

At the end of Jægersborggade is Assistens Kirkegård, the final resting place of some of Denmark’s most famous citizens – Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr among them. Assistens Kirkegård is perhaps the prettiest cemetery I have ever seen; it looks and feels more like a park than a graveyard! As we navigated our way through the maze of leafy shrubs and trees, we encountered other wanderers, joggers, cyclists, and even sunbathers! I almost forgot it was a cemetery we were walking through.

We sought out Hans Christian Andersen’s burial place, and there we saw a group of children on a school field trip, listening intently as their teacher gave them a quick rundown of Denmark’s favourite story teller.


Assistens Kirkegård


Niels Bohr’s tomb


A group of students gathered around HC Andersen’s tomb

After Assistens Kirkegård, we headed back to the Strøget neighbourhood, walking past the trendy shops that line Elmagade, and through Ørsteds Parken. Lunch was another round of the open-faced Danish delight which is the Smørrebrød, this time at Café Europa. My feet had begun to ache again, so a break was timely.


Ørsteds Parken

The rest of the afternoon was spent mainly browsing the shops and window shopping, and after dinner at a Thai restaurant nearby (I needed my rice fix), we retired for the day.

Highlight(s) of the day: Breakfast at Coffee Collective. Love that area. In good weather, it would be lovely to just sit there with a cup of coffee, a pastry, and a good book. Bliss. Another highlight was the walk through Assistens Kirkegård.

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