The Copenhagen Diaries: Adieu and Panic

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 

Our final day in Copenhagen, and breakfast at Café Granola was how we chose to end our trip. The café has a very retro vibe to it; every detail, from the shop signage, to the tiles, to the menu card, is done in a nostalgic ’30s style. The food didn’t disapppoint, either. They have quite a breakfast selection, and I went with the medium set, which was essentially a platter of lovely grainy Danish bread, cheese, jam, Danish butter, and muesli with Greek yoghurt, compote and fruits. Oooooh yeah.

And they serve pretty good coffee, too.

Breakfast at Granola

Breakfast at Granola

IMG_2561 IMG_2566

Having fueled up for the day, we made our way back to the hotel, checked out, and took a train to the airport. After we checked in our luggage, I started mentally going through the things I had to do once we got back to Basel.

That was when it hit me.

I rummaged around frantically in my handbag.

My house keys.

I’d left my house keys in the hotel safe.

My heart froze for a few seconds, and my stomach went up to my throat, the way it does when you’re on a rollercoaster.

Half my brain was beginning to panic, while the other half was trying to keep calm and think of a solution.

Oh c#%p now everyone in the building will have to change their keys because of me plus my annual tram pass is in the key pouch I’ll have to get a new one do I have to report it as lost what am I gonna do oh c#%p how much is all this gonna cost oh the neighbours will hate me for this how could I be so careless oh silly silly stupid me oh c#%p c#%p c#%p

Stay calm don’t lose your head clear your mind collect your thoughts say a quick prayer there’s still hope yet call the hotel hopefully it’s still there hopefully they’ll find it hopefully they’ll be kind enough to post it to you take your phone out and call the hotel your fingers are shaking it’s ok take a deep breath and stay calm don’t melt into a puddle of water in the middle of the airport you are not the Wicked Witch of the West ok it’s ringing keep your voice steady and be coherent 

I called the hotel reception and explained what had happened. They said they’d send the housekeeper to check and would call me back as soon as possible.

The wait was excruciating. We hadn’t gone through the security check yet, and if we’d made a run for it, we’d have had just enough time to catch the train back to the hotel, get the keys (assuming they found it), catch the train to the airport, run to the gate and board the plane with minutes to spare. The Mister offered to do the dash while I wait at the boarding gate, but I decided against it. Leaving my keys in the hotel was enough drama for me, and I wasn’t prepared to further burden my fragile soul with potential airplane departure drama.

The hotel eventually called, with good news. They found my keys, and they would be happy to post it to me as soon as possible.

Thank God. 

My heart felt a bit lighter, and we sauntered over to the boarding gate to catch our flight back to Basel.

Copenhagen was lovely, the weather was gorgeous, the food was good, the people friendly, and my keys would be on their way back home.

All was good.



Note: my keys arrived in the post a few days later, thanks to the kind and efficient hotel staff. Phew. 

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