The Thing About Muci…

…is that he’s now an indoor cat.

Unwillingly so.

Earlier this year, I wrote about how Muci was always falling ill, and how he would have a series of vomiting spells. This went on for roughly half a year, where Muci would fall ill almost every month, and every time he fell ill, he would be vomiting up to five times a day, every day. He would lose his appetite and with an empty stomach, he would throw up blood and saliva.

This was taken during one of his spells; he’d been crouching over his water bowl like this for a good three minutes or so, clearly feeling thirsty but too nauseated to actually take a sip.

Crouching Muci


The vet was as equally befuddled as I was, and eventually he decided to conduct a few “diagnostic tests”.

There were three possibilities for Muci’s recurring vomiting spells, the vet said; the first was something to do with the levels of toxins in his pancreas. (I’m no doctor, and certainly not a German-speaking doctor, so please bear with me if all this sounds wishy-washy). The second possibility was a form of food allergy, and the third possibility was some form of inflammation somewhere which would require an endoscopy and performing a biopsy. I wish I could tell you exactly what inflammation the vet suspected, but he only knew the German medical term, and as if English/Latin medical terms aren’t long enough, try hearing them in German. I was already having a tough time coming to terms with the possibility that Muci would have to undergo an endoscopy.

So the first thing the vet did was a blood test, to check for toxins.

The poor thing came home looking like this:

Bandaged Muci


The test results came back a few days later, and there were no signs of any toxins. So pancreatic-something-or-other was ruled out.

The next step was to check for food allergies. To do this, Muci was put on a special hypoallergenic cat food diet, and he wasn’t allowed to go outdoors for at least six weeks. This was particularly tough for him, as he was so used to going out every morning. He would stand in front of the door every morning and miaow his heart out, begging to be let out. We had to be careful every time we entered or left the house, as Muci was quick and he would run out the door in a heartbeat.

I was in two minds about the possibility of Muci having a food allergy. On the one hand, it meant that there was no need for Muci to endure an endoscopy and a biopsy, and he wouldn’t have to live with whatever inflammatory-gut-thingamajig that the biopsy was supposed to reveal. On the other hand, having a food allergy meant that Muci would have to remain indoors, and that would be pretty tough on him as well. Imagine if us human beings had to live our lives cooped up in an apartment. We’d go crazy.

In any case, we managed to keep Muci indoors for almost two months during the “test period”, and during that time, he was healthy and didn’t fall ill once. The vet was delighted, and he said that it was almost certainly a food allergy. But allergic to what, I asked? We can’t be sure, because there are a myriad of things Muci could be eating when he’s out and about, and short of fixing a camera on him and monitoring his every move, my guess is as good as anyone’s.

So Muci is now an indoor cat. I did feel sorry for a couple of months ago and let him out once a week. And guess what? He fell ill again. Sheepishly, I took him to the vet. The vet wasn’t amused and told me in no uncertain terms not to let him out again.

Sigh. Kesian Muci.

The neighbours have noticed his absence and they’ve also noticed him staring out the window. I’ve explained it to them, and they’re pretty helpful about it. During one of the times I let Muci out as a treat, my next door neighbour noticed him running around and thought he’d somehow escaped from the apartment, and she called me to ask whether she should bring him into the building 🙂

I think Muci has gotten used to staying indoors now, and I let him run around the house a bit so he gets enough exercise and doesn’t get too depressed or stressed out.

Muci tunnel

Oh, and he still gazes longingly out of the window:

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