Conversations With Hatta: Me Time

The conversations are imaginary, but the situations are real.



Me:                  You sure you’ll be okay?

The Mister:   Yeah. Don’t worry.

Me:                  Alright then. I should be gone for a couple of hours. Three hours at the most. If he gets hungry there’s milk in the fridge.

The Mister:   We’ll be fine. Have fun.

Me:                  (skipping and dancing to the car) Woohoo freedommmmmm!

The Mister:   Err… don’t forget to come home!



Hatta:             Why is Mummy so happy, Ayah? Where is she going? Wait… why isn’t she taking me with her? She forgot me!

The Mister:   No she didn’t. She has an appointment with the hairdresser’s. She’ll be back in a few hours. In the meantime, I’ll take care of you. It’ll just be the two of us.

Hatta:             But you’ve never taken care of me on your own before. Without Mummy around.

The Mister:   There’s a first for everything. I’ll manage.

Hatta:             Why couldn’t we all go out, together?

The Mister:   Mummy needs her “me time”.

Hatta:             What’s “me time”?

The Mister:   Some newfangled idea about having some time away from us for her to relax. Apparently to avoid tipping over the edge.

Hatta:             Oh pish posh. Taking care of me can’t be all that bad. Keep me well fed and I’m happy.

The Mister:   Well to be fair, there are times when you drive your mother crazy, you know. With your incessant bawling.

Hatta:             Ridiculous. I’m nothing if not adorable.

The Mister:   Not on your cranky days. There have been times when she was this close to smashing stuff against the wall in frustration.

Hatta:             Oh… that must explain those days when she turns into a monster. I just thought she was some kind of She-Hulk. Or play-acting, for my amusement.

The Mister:   Mummy doesn’t act, Hatta. When she loses her temper, you take cover.

Hatta:             So she is a She-Hulk, then.

The Mister:   Sometimes. So, what shall we do now? Are you up for some tummy time?

Hatta:             Hmmm… not feeling it. When will Mummy be back?

The Mister:   In about a couple of hours or so.

Hatta:             I think I’ll take a quick nap then. I’ll wake up when she gets home.

The Mister:   I have no problems with that; makes my job easier.

Hatta:             It’s her first time out without me. I bet she misses me.

The Mister:   I don’t know… she seemed awfully happy when she left. Like a prisoner out on bail.

Hatta:            (yawning) I still think she’ll miss me.



Me:                  (in the car) Aaaaah a few hours of freedom… this feels sooooo good!

I drive into a parking lot. It is relatively early on a Saturday morning, and the parking lot is empty.

Me:                  Oooooh look Hatta bear! Not a car in sight! We must be pretty early! Are we the first ones here, you think?


Me:                  Hatta bear?


Me:                  Tsk! I forgot! You’re at home with Ayah. And I’m the crazy woman talking to herself in the car, in an empty parking lot. Sigh.



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