Thoughts… On Housework

Housework is more tolerable when there’s soothing jazz music playing in the background, I thought to myself. 

Until an old bottle of tauchu exploded in my face and all over the kitchen floor. 

I despise you, housework. I really do. 

With every fibre in my being. 


Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia.

On Freedom:

We are bound not by the shackles of any colonial master, but of our own making; our prejudices; a moral compass gone astray; and the misguided belief that the responsibility to act lies not within ourselves, but in the actions of others.

A nation is defined by the principles held dear by its people; and its fate is determined by nothing more than the will of the people. And if, at any point in time, the freedom to think and act is taken away from us, it would be through nothing less than our own inaction.


Insult:  1 /ın’sʌlt/  v.t. abuse scornfully; offend self-respect or modesty of.   2 /ın’sʌlt/  n. insulting remark or action.

Ultimate insult:  /’ʌltımǝt ın’sʌlt/  n.  when you pet your sleeping cat, and he wakes up, lifts his head, and cleans the area where your hand touched his fur.

Let’s Bring Him Back

Yes, yes… let’s bring him back;
And let him roam free among us,
And among our children.

Yes, let’s bring him back;
And let him pursue his education,
For he is a genius!
For surely intellect pardons all crime?
For surely you would agree, a crime is only heinous
When committed by a vagrant?
Or a tramp, or a derelict,
Or horror of all horrors,
By a migrant worker?

So yes, let’s bring him back,
And let us hush now,
And end all discussion,
For discourse – that is simply not our way.

There is the carpet,
And here, the broom.
For that is our way.

Every Morning

Every morning
I make my coffee
and I carry it into my study
With my breakfast.

Every morning
I sit in my study
I have my breakfast
and I sip on my coffee
While I read the news.

And every morning
As I read the news,
As I sip my coffee,
As I have my breakfast,

I cry a little inside.

Surely we are better than this?