Star Wars – The Initiation

Seven weeks ago, I watched Star Wars for the first time.

Yes, that’s right; up until just recently, I had never in my life watched any of the Star Wars movies. Ever.

No, I did not have a sad childhood.

I have no idea why or how, but I just… never watched it. It never bothered me, and I never felt as if I was going through life with a Milennium Falcon-shaped hole in my soul. Besides, there have been so many Star Wars references in popular culture, that I knew most of the important bits without needing to watch the actual movies.

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For The Love of Kicap

As the finishing touch to what must have been a glorious meal, the guy next to me at the sushi bar today drank the soy sauce straight out of the little dipping bowl.

Head tilted back and everything.

He must really love his fermented beans.

The Cutest Thing

I saw the cutest/funniest looking dog the other day. It was pretty large, with a grey and extremely fluffy coat, and a handsome pointy face. I’m not exactly sure what breed it was, but my guess would be a cross between a husky and bag of cotton wool.

On Elections

It suffices for us, if the moral and physical condition of our own citizens qualifies them to select the able and good for the direction of their government, with a recurrence of elections at such short periods as will enable them to displace an unfaithful servant, before the mischief he mediates may be irremediable.
-Thomas Jefferson-