Conversations With Hatta: The Bad Dream

The conversations are imaginary, but the situations are real. 


Hatta:   (wakes up crying) MUMMYYYYYYY!!!

Me:        What is it? What’s wrong, Hatta?

Hatta:   I had a horrible dream! I dreamt that it was the US Presidential Elections, and that Donald Trump won!

Me:        You weren’t dreaming, Hatta. That really happened. Don’t you remember? We were watching the news together.

Hatta:   So it wasn’t a nightmare then?

Me:        Oh but it is, Hatta. It is.

Conversations With Hatta: My Name Is Hatta

The conversations are imaginary, but the situations are real. 


Hatta:   Mummy, my name is Hatta.

Me:        Yes, it is.

Hatta:   You know that, don’t you?

Me:        What, that your name is Hatta?

Hatta:    Yes.

Me:         Of course I do! Ayah and I were the ones who named you after all.

Hatta:    Then why do you keep calling me Muci?

Me:        Oh! I’m so sorry honey, it’s a slip of the tongue. I guess it’s because Muci has been with us for much longer… and you’ve only been with us for a month?

Hatta:    Way to make me feel welcome, Mummy.

teabag illustration

The Teabag

“Drink me.”

“Drink meeee.”


“Why not?”

“Because. You’re stolen goods.”

“Oh pish posh. I’m just a teabag. And besides, I was there for the taking. Me and my friends, in a little bowl on that table. We weren’t for sale. We weren’t locked up. We were just sitting there. We were meant to be taken.”

“Not by me. You were meant to be served to the participants. Not to random people walking by.”

“To-mah-toe, to-may-toh. Doesn’t make a difference. In any case, it wasn’t you. Erfan did it. He swiped a bunch and gave one to you. So technically, you didn’t steal anything. It was a gift! Now go and boil some water and steep me.” 

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