Barcelona – Wrapping Up

This is the last post in my Barcelona series, I promise. After dragging it out ad nauseum over multiple posts, I conclude with random photos taken during the trip.

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Barcelona – Tapas and More

A mini-journal, plated and served. I’ve listed down the places we tried (with the kind assistance of TripAdvisor) and enjoyed.

Day 1: Tapas 24
Off Passeig La Gracia. We went there again on Day 4, simply because we met a friend from back home who was also on holiday, and this place was the most convenient. Plus the food wasn’t too shabby.

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Barcelona and Gaudi

Undulating. If I could only use one word to describe Gaudi’s buildings, that would be it. Whimsical and otherworldly also come to mind, but undulating is the one that sticks.

I’m not the best at describing buildings, let alone architecture styles, so I’ll let the pictures speak on my behalf.

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Barcelona – An Overview

There’s lots to do in Barcelona.

If you’re into art or history, you could conceivably spend your entire trip visiting the many museums and admiring the Catalan Gothic and Modernisme architectural works.

If you love food, you can stuff yourself silly.

You’re a shopaholic? Then get your credit card ready. You may not have time for anything else.

If you travel just to observe people and their lives, you won’t get bored, I assure you. The crowds. The markets. The little alleys. The beaches. The parks. The late dinners. The odd shop opening hours. Soak it all in.

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And We Ended Up Going To…


He hid this in his office. Sneaky. Spent the 1.5 hour flight time quickly reading through it – a crash course of sorts.

There was so much to do. So many sights to see, so many museums to visit, so many eateries to try…
So much such that the six days and five nights we spent there were still not enough to visit all the sights Barcelona had to offer. But what we did manage to see and do and eat, will be shared with you over my next few posts.

So stay tuned! ­čÖé