The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 3

Monday, 26 May 2014

We took a bus from Central Station to the Nørrebro neighbourhood, where we sought out Coffee Collective, a tiny coffee shop which sells (pretty good) coffee – and not much else. They roast their beans themselves, in-house, as anyone who walks in can immediately tell from the huge roaster occupying the furthest end of the shop. They had a few croissants, but we just got coffee and bought a couple of pastries from the bakery opposite. There isn’t much seating space inside Coffee Collective itself, but there’s a table just outside that can seat a small group of people. We sat there in the lovely weather with our coffee and pastries, chatting and watching the morning go by. Bliss.

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The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 2

Sunday, 25 May 2014

We started the day off with breakfast at a nearby Emmerys, a chain of small bakery-cafés. After scoffing down the delicious cinnamon roll, we walked to Nyhavn, passing Radhusplasen, the Happy Wall, and Strøget on the way. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and everyone was sitting outdoors, enjoying the gorgeous weather.

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The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 1

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The plane touched down on time, at precisely 12:15pm. The airport is pretty big; we flew EasyJet, which meant we had to walk from one end of the terminal to the other – all of 10 minutes. We took the train to Copenhagen Central Station, and from there walked to the hotel, which was nearby. The weather was lovely – sunny and breezy. I’d read that Copenhagen is one of the best cities in Europe for getting around by bicycle, and that 75% of Danes own bikes, half of whom use them on a regular basis. This was confirmed the moment I stepped out of the Central Station; about a gazillion bicycles were parked outside. On the roads, there were perhaps more cyclists than there were cars.

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Zürich West

In the industrial quarter of Zürich, the arches of the railway viaduct house various independent boutiques, cafés, and trendy furniture shops. Markthalle (the indoor market) has lovely artisanal food stalls, and a restaurant which opens 7 days a week (seriously? In Switzerland???). Not quite Brooklyn, but this part of Zürich has hipster written all over it.

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