No More Vomiting

It’s been almost a fortnight since Muci’s Weekend of Bloody Vomit, and he seems to be his normal self again. He’s regained his appetite but is still on steroids and will continue to be for a while. He spends his mornings running around the house and scrambling all over the sofa as if it were a magpie-laden tree.

Sigh, the poor sofa.

Oh well. I’d rather have a scratched-up sofa than pools of bloody vomit all over the house.

The Cutest Thing

I saw the cutest/funniest looking dog the other day. It was pretty large, with a grey and extremely fluffy coat, and a handsome pointy face. I’m not exactly sure what breed it was, but my guess would be a cross between a husky and bag of cotton wool.

A Day At The Zoo

There are a lot of things you could do on a cold, mid-winter Saturday morning. Going to the zoo is one of them.

Because if you do, you get to see this:

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