The Thing About Muci…

…is that he’s now an indoor cat.

Unwillingly so.

Earlier this year, I wrote about how Muci was always falling ill, and how he would have a series of vomiting spells. This went on for roughly half a year, where Muci would fall ill almost every month, and every time he fell ill, he would be vomiting up to five times a day, every day. He would lose his appetite and with an empty stomach, he would throw up blood and saliva.

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Get Fuzzy



One of my favourite comic strips is Get Fuzzy. I just love Bucky’s ascerbic comments, and the naive and kind-hearted Satchel. Muci never comes up with any witty one-liners. Pfffftttt.


Muci’s Ill Again

We seem to be going to the vet almost on a monthly basis nowadays. Muci’s had another one of his vomiting spells. It started with a loss of appetite yesterday morning – he showed no interest in either his wet or dry food. He wasn’t interested in going out at all, and spent the entire day at home. I could tell he wasn’t feeling too well, because he spent most of the day awake and in what I’ve come to identify as his “tummy ache position” – his legs curled up beneath him and his head upright. I hoped it would quickly pass, but later that night he vomited, and again this morning at 5.30am. Tinged with blood. Time to call the vet.

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