The Copenhagen Diaries: Adieu and Panic

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 

Our final day in Copenhagen, and breakfast at Café Granola was how we chose to end our trip. The café has a very retro vibe to it; every detail, from the shop signage, to the tiles, to the menu card, is done in a nostalgic ’30s style. The food didn’t disapppoint, either. They have quite a breakfast selection, and I went with the medium set, which was essentially a platter of lovely grainy Danish bread, cheese, jam, Danish butter, and muesli with Greek yoghurt, compote and fruits. Oooooh yeah.

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The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 3

Monday, 26 May 2014

We took a bus from Central Station to the Nørrebro neighbourhood, where we sought out Coffee Collective, a tiny coffee shop which sells (pretty good) coffee – and not much else. They roast their beans themselves, in-house, as anyone who walks in can immediately tell from the huge roaster occupying the furthest end of the shop. They had a few croissants, but we just got coffee and bought a couple of pastries from the bakery opposite. There isn’t much seating space inside Coffee Collective itself, but there’s a table just outside that can seat a small group of people. We sat there in the lovely weather with our coffee and pastries, chatting and watching the morning go by. Bliss.

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The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 2

Sunday, 25 May 2014

We started the day off with breakfast at a nearby Emmerys, a chain of small bakery-cafés. After scoffing down the delicious cinnamon roll, we walked to Nyhavn, passing Radhusplasen, the Happy Wall, and Strøget on the way. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and everyone was sitting outdoors, enjoying the gorgeous weather.

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The Copenhagen Diaries: Day 1

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The plane touched down on time, at precisely 12:15pm. The airport is pretty big; we flew EasyJet, which meant we had to walk from one end of the terminal to the other – all of 10 minutes. We took the train to Copenhagen Central Station, and from there walked to the hotel, which was nearby. The weather was lovely – sunny and breezy. I’d read that Copenhagen is one of the best cities in Europe for getting around by bicycle, and that 75% of Danes own bikes, half of whom use them on a regular basis. This was confirmed the moment I stepped out of the Central Station; about a gazillion bicycles were parked outside. On the roads, there were perhaps more cyclists than there were cars.

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