The Random Interview Question

I was browsing in Waterstone’s a couple of weekends ago, and because I was tired from all the walking I’d been doing, I sat down on one of the armchairs in the middle of the floor. I scanned the bookshelves from where I was seated, and as I turned to look at the display of books on the table next to me, I spotted this book:

This always reminds me of random questions during interviews.

You know how certain things trigger old memories? Like when you find an old favourite t-shirt as you’re cleaning out your wardrobe, and you remember exactly when you bought it or where you wore it to? Like when you smell the aroma of sauteed onions and you’re immediately transported to your childhood, when you came home from school to a delicious home-cooked lunch?

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The Instagram #80’s Throwback Challenge

I was nominated by a friend to do the Instagram #80’s Throwback Challenge. I wanted to do it but all the stuff from my childhood are either gone, or stored away somewhere in my parents’ home back in KL. I could obviously lift photos off the internet, but where’s the fun in that?

And then I remembered watching a YouTube flight safety video with lots of references to the good old, big-haired days of the 80’s. This video was actually released last year so it isn’t new, but it was too soon after MH370 when I first saw it, so I didn’t want to post it then.

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