Let’s Bring Him Back

Yes, yes… let’s bring him back;
And let him roam free among us,
And among our children.

Yes, let’s bring him back;
And let him pursue his education,
For he is a genius!
For surely intellect pardons all crime?
For surely you would agree, a crime is only heinous
When committed by a vagrant?
Or a tramp, or a derelict,
Or horror of all horrors,
By a migrant worker?

So yes, let’s bring him back,
And let us hush now,
And end all discussion,
For discourse – that is simply not our way.

There is the carpet,
And here, the broom.
For that is our way.

Every Morning

Every morning
I make my coffee
and I carry it into my study
With my breakfast.

Every morning
I sit in my study
I have my breakfast
and I sip on my coffee
While I read the news.

And every morning
As I read the news,
As I sip my coffee,
As I have my breakfast,

I cry a little inside.

Surely we are better than this?