Hibernerding, Phase II


I’ve finished my exams. Oh, the relief.

Somehow I feel I was more unprepared for this paper than I was for the previous one. I was waffling on and on to my heart’s desire; writing what I remembered rather than what the question required.

But no matter; it’s over.

Now I can read fiction.

I can take long walks when the weather’s nice.

I can sit outside with an iced drink and watch the world go by, without feeling too guilty.

And I can spend more time writing, hopefully.



Aaaaahhhhh blog, I’ve missed you so…..

I haven’t written or posted anything in ages, mainly because I’ve been a proper nerd the past few weeks, my nose buried in a textbook. Towards the end of 2012, I enrolled myself in a distance learning course as a means of filling my time and learning something new. I was all excited when the material and reading lists arrived, and I immediately ordered the textbooks on Amazon and borrowed a couple more from the University of Basel Library. Residents of Basel – foreign or local – are entitled to become a member of the library and therefore gain access to their books and journals, so I immediately jumped on that wagon. So study guide: check! Reading list: check! Textbooks: check! Library membership: check! Borrow books from library: check! Stationery and notebooks: check!

All set to start swotting. Which I did, initially. Slowly, though, my normal lazy self started to resurface and wrestle control of my brain. Self-discipline and time management went out the window. I was clearly not prepared to sit for exams in May 2013, so I decided to postpone it. By the end of last year, I decided that I had to buck up and just get it over and done with, so I registered to sit for two out of four papers this year, staggering it out so I wouldn’t go crazy.

This time I was determined to get my act together. I drew up a timetable, and even followed it for the first few weeks… until my self-discipline decided to climb back out the window and walk away. Much like Jonas Jonasson’s 100-year old man.

Fast forward to February/March and I suddenly realised I had A LOT of reading and studying to do.

It was time to cram, cram, cram.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish everything in time, so I spent my days walking around wearing a perpetual scowl on my face:


I still took time out to enjoy Fasnacht though:


And then there were days when the weather was just too nice to stay at home…


Books vs awesome walks in awesome weather – no contest.

In any case, I somehow managed to get through my first paper this morning without any major panic attacks, so all is good so far. I’ve decided to stay away from any literature of the academic kind this weekend, and let my brain cells vegetate, before hitting the books again for my second paper.

One down, one more to go. Gotta get geared up for Hibernerding: Phase II.