A Weekend in Klosters – Back to Basel

This is the final post in the Klosters series. To read Part 1, click here. To read Part 2, click here.

After two days in Klosters, it was time for us to head back to Basel.

We packed our bags, bribed Muci with kitty treats to get him into his carrier, checked out of the hotel, and hit the road.

Despite the two unfinished hikes, it was a good weekend getaway.

And if anything, the idea of taking ski lessons is becoming more and more tempting by the day.

As before, I leave you with a short video to close this series of blog posts on Klosters. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Weekend in Klosters – Part 2

Recap: during the recent long weekend, we went on a short trip to Klosters, Graubünden. In this post, I write about our second day there. To read about our first day, click here.

After a relatively good night’s sleep (Muci was purring in my ear and biting my fingers at 4am!), we set off again for the day’s activities.

This time, we took the cable car up to Madrisa Land, a family-themed adventure park on Sonnenberg Mountain.



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Brussels and the German Test

Hello there! Sorry for the long-ish absence… I was out of town last week, and came back home only to spend the weekend hitting the books for a German test I had on Monday. So I was holed up at home the entire weekend trying to memorise adjective endings in the dative and accusative cases, and staring into space while chanting to myself, “ein roter, eine rote, ein rotes. Der rote, den roten, dem roten.”

How on earth did the Germans come up with the brilliant idea of having different endings for adjectives based not just on the gender of the object, but also the structure of the sentence? Say you were standing in front of a red table, a red cat and a red house. In English, red is red. Be it an outrageously loud piece of furniture or an extremely bizarre-coloured animal, the adjective “red” doesn’t change. But if you had to describe those objects in German, it wouldn’t be enough to say “rot” (red). Nope. You have to be precise, you see. It’s “ein roter Tisch, eine rote Katze, ein rotes Auto.” Looks simple enough, you say? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s just the tip of the grammatical iceberg. When the sentence structure changes, so does the adjective ending. And this is supposed to be just the kiddy stuff. I wonder how bad my headaches will get as the class progresses.

Oh but I digress. I shouldn’t be boring you with my Teutonic adventures. I actually meant to write about my recent trip.

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The Fasnacht Series: The Cortège and Lantern Display

This is the fourth and final instalment of the Fasnacht series. To understand what Fasnacht is all about, click here and here. You can also check out the post on a related event, the “Chienbäse”, here

This year, I managed to catch the Cortège on both Fasnacht Monday and Fasnacht Wednesday. The city was packed with people – it was as if the entire population of Basel Stadt and Basel Land had descended upon Marktplatz, Barfusserplatz and Bankverein.

It was a colourful affair – the elaborate costumes, the lanterns, and of course, the seemingly endless shower of confetti coming from the playful Waggis.

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The Fasnacht Series: Chienbäse

This is the third instalment in my blog series on Fasnacht. What’s Fasnacht, you ask? Read here and here to find out.

The Chienbäse parade takes place in neigbouring Liestal on the evening of the Sunday before Basel’s Morgenstreich. The parade has its origins in pagan fire rituals meant to drive winter away, where large fires (representing the sun) were lit on the mountain tops to bring the sun’s warmth down to the village.

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