Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre: Postcard Perfect

The best way to experience Cinque Terre is to hike, swim, and eat.

Or if you’d like a more specific itinerary…

Hike, eat, explore, swim, eat, and sleep.
And repeat.

It’s a treat for all your senses, and a soothing balm for the tired soul.

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As a birthday treat, Mr TH planned a secret vacation.

The vacation itself was not a secret, but the location was. The only clue I had was what the weather would be like – and even that was for practical purposes, ie to know what clothes to pack. No other information was divulged – not even the flight time, as it was feared I would go into super-stalker mode and check the airline departure schedule online.

Mr TH needn’t have worried; I was perfectly happy to be in the dark as to where we were going. I made a little game out of it; I made a couple of guesses, but kept them to myself. I would only tell him which destination I’d guessed if it turned out to be correct. In some way, it was a weird test of my predictive powers. Haha.

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